Dr. Camille Schuster

“Polling and Analytics – Playing Detective “

Camille P. Schuster, Ph.D.

Analytics is not just creating algorithms and running numbers. Analytics also must include thinking deeply about the formulas, what the numbers mean, and how do the numbers relate to people. At the beginning of the race many people said Donald Trump was not a serious candidate.  I disagreed with everyone and said that Donald Trump was a serious candidate because he voiced what many people were thinking.  While I disagree with him on many issues, he did tap into a very real deeply felt sentiment. In the post-election after the election, it is important that the numbers represent people and do not always reflect deeply held beliefs. It is also important to remember both candidates received almost the same 50% of the popular vote. Going forward it is important that we learn about the people behind the numbers and what is really important to them.  The analysis has to go beyond labels and historical assumptions. Millennials and Baby Boomers had almost the same number of registered voters. The middle class is significantly smaller than in the past.  Understanding what people in the US will support going forward is to be determined.

Why Global?

The global marketplace is a reality. Who among us has not been challenged, frustrated, or confused when doing business with someone from another country? Using Dr. Schuster’s models and methods, professionals changed their approach and increased their success.

Why Collaboration?

Collaboration is important in today’s marketplace. Most business training emphasizes competition and the importance of gatekeepers in withholding information. However, the new paradigm requires sharing of information and working toward joint goals. Dr. Schuster has a unique ability to facilitate collaboration that allows business partners to create competitive advantage and joint success.

Why Consumer Centric?

Consumers have tremendous power in today’s marketplace. The mass market is dissolving into fragmented consumer groups all demanding personalization and customization. Creating consumer-centered business processes requires a transformation of thinking. Dr. Schuster can facilitate the change necessary to realign your company with your consumers.

Dr. Camille Schuster’s insight, perspective, and delivery compels and inspires professionals to glean what is pertinent to their own task. The buttons at the top will link you to additional information about Dr. Schuster and her experience.

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